I know I’ve been invisible for a while now with my blog, I don’t know, I think I lost the passion for it, but of course, everyone needs time to get back, and now is the perfect time to get back, finishing a film that I really worked hard for, from every area, directing, writing, editing, name it. but of course I wouldn’t have done this without the people who help me during the shoots, to my assistants and everyone.

The Last One is a Final project for our digisound class in De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. It’s a class project written/directed/edited by me, Digisound class is an elective subject for MMA students, the class is about having a quality audio, so of course it’s an audio class so you expect to have a very good quality of audio, but with the small amount of time given, the adr team wasn’t able to do their job well, which is disappointing because the video team was really good.


Pierre Mendoza (https://twitter.com/pmaximillian)

Deniol Dumalaog (https://twitter.com/trickyikki)

Rene Aguiluz XIV (https://www.facebook.com/rene.xiv)

Jamico jasa (https://www.facebook.com/jamico.jasa)

Nico Santos (https://twitter.com/uNICOrn_Santos)

Gen Favorito (https://twitter.com/genfav)

Director Dey Vega




Assistant Director Kevin Medina


Special thanks to Rene Aguiluz for the place and guns!

The Last One Trailer!!

Watch in HD guys.

This is our class final project for digisound, di ko alam kung matutuwa ako na napili yung trailer ko for our final project, dagdag trabaho nanaman kasi :|| haha

Anyway, this is another challenge for me, it will be my first time running and leading a class, it is good because it will be a experience and preparation in my part, so let’s hope everything goes well and hopefully, the film will be a success! 

Watch in HD! Reminder there’s a problem in it’s audio, sometimes it’s one sided so make sure that the Left and right of your speakers are functioning or else you won’t hear some of the dialogues.


Seven Minutes is a short action film inspired from the Film “LOSSES” of film riot. It’s a film I did for our Vidprod2 class in De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde last december of 2011. i don’t know what took me so long to blog this knowing that this has been one the best works I did so far in my career. We were tasked to do a short film with any genre, since I love action movies and I love to try editing action scenes, I choose to do this.

Shot just around SIX HOURS, yes six hours! haha I am very glad and thankful that I am able to produce a good film despite all the problems that we had during the shoot, I am force to finish all the scenes during that day because that was the only time that they were available, Thank God I was able to finish it on time!


The Film was shown to “Cibeclaste Student FIlm Festival" under Sir Frank Mamaril.

Nominated to:

Best Director

Best Cinematography

Best Sound

Best Poster

Best Picture


Best Director (w/ Patrick Segovia)

Best Picture

Best Sound

I wasn’t expecting to be nominated 5 times in different categories and being able to win Best director, it’s just a great accomplishment. I don’t know what took me so long in blogging this, all I know is I’m proud of this Short film!


Mike Vega

Jared David


Ryan Martinez

Ino Vega

Derrick Carlos

Gio Candelaria

Lei Villavicencio

Francis Leybag

Manong Gel

Dey Vega

Hey awesome, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Your most decent picture. Hahahahaha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOOL! I love you!!! You’re 20 and you’re old already. 

Hoping to spend more of your birthdays with me. <3 

You’re the most talented, sincere, faithful, loyal, awesome, goodlooking? haha funniest most creative and most hardworking guy I have ever met! Hoping you wont change. (-:





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What’s your Birthday wish for me? :)


Anonymous: I'm a huge fan of the "Dey & Pau tandem". Gosh. You're too perfect together :))) How I wish I can have a relationship like this. Keep it up!! ♥

Wow thank you!! :) Don’t worry you will find yours soon, and who knows it may be better than us! Just stay positive! :)

Ves Food Resort and Villas website!


Check out the latest website that I did for Ves Food Resort And Villas! After months of delay, now, it is officially finish! and you can go View it here! Here the Link www.vesfood.com

I was also the Photographer of the Resort, I had fun shooting their Resort, especially their foods, ang sasarap kasi tignan! hahaha and yeah some places are still under renovation but overall their resort is incredible! 

Here our some Photos






Ves Food Resort and Villas is located at Capas Tarlac, it covers different events such as Weddings, Birthdays and many more events. It’s a very good place to spend the night if you’re on Vacation. Again, it won’t take much of your time, so if I we’re you, I would go to vesfood.com to check this very cool Resort! 

alejandrotaag: When you hear the word “Province” or “Probinsiya”, What’s the first thing that you think about? I need different opinions :) - Nature :) * sorry, cant find the tab to reply so i just sent it as "ask me anything" lol

it’s okay! thanks! :)

Anonymous: paradise

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