The wait is over!! Comone Ground will be having its second audition in 4 years! This is C1G’s promotional video for this years open auditions, there are important details at the end of the Video so better watch and finish it!

The video contains our performances from 2009 up to now, from competitions, gigs and practices, and this 2012, we are looking for you to join us and continue the legacy, so what are you waiting for? if you love dancing, joining us would be your perfect choice!

One dance, One Goal, One God!

Edited by:

Dey Vega

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Come and join our Family! | Comone Ground Audition Poster


The wait is over!! Comone ground will be having it’s second audition in four years! We have been joining competitions since 2009, and we are looking forward to have you to join our Family! 

If you love dancing, joining us would be your perfect choice!

*June 18, 6 -9pm. SDA Greenroom.
*June 27, C-Break. SDA A916.

See you there! :)

Our second video, this time it’s moves like jagger by Yuki Ito and Vince Igno! This choreo is one of my favorites mainly because the dance is not only a dance, it’s all about interaction and having fun with a partner. Give it a view guys! and don;t forget to like our page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/ComONE-Ground/112761202555

BEHIND THE SCENES OF SHINErs and Comone Ground Shoot. :) 

Video by: Migs ferreras

Edited by: Deniol Dumalaog

Comone grounds very first video release, and it’s my choreo! :) We are looking forward to attack youtube with these kind of videos, since we have many members who are in to choreography. Comone ground is not only a dance crew, but a family who has many talents, our members have different courses such as MMA, FASHION, diplomatic affairs, dance, and many more. That’s why our group can dance and at the same time can be artistic!! 

We decided to have a production on every choreography that we’ll shoot for us to have a good representation on what COMONE GROUND is, and we are a group who was known to have a coach ever since, but this past one year, we were on our own, even during REMIX 2011, we decided to be independent. So with this, I think it’s a good way to show that we can provide our own dance and that we are better than what they think. So, this is comone grounds first video, give it a view guys!! :)


Lets give it up for Dey Vega, AB-MMA 109, and his awesome & electryfying dance choreography for ComONE Groun. Give it a view guys!


wow na-surprised ako sa feature. haha! thank you so much @sdatalent! Feels nice to be appreciated, keep on blogging! :) 

"Rain won’t stop me" by Dey Vega on LOOKBOOK.nu

Last week kasi I was supposed to finish all my homeworks. but as I browse my files, andame kong nakitang videos! so kating kati ako gumawa ng video. haha! I tried to ignore it and finish my homeworks but I coudn’t resist! hahah So there, I made a compilation, it’s for my crew, comone ground. The videos are for my friends shoot for his vidprod class, pero naisip ko na parang magandang gawan ng video to, so ayun ang saya lang namin, haha! Maybe soon we’ll make our official profile video but perhaps this would be a preview! :)

Must watch! hahahaha

What is dancing? As defined by most dancers, dancing for them is an expression of what they feel, whether they’re happy, mad, upset, excited, or even scared. Dancing has come a long way especially in our generation; you can see it all over the globe. I myself feel that every time I dance, there’s this feeling that I am trying release something, or I am trying to show them who I am or what I feel. Dancing for me is not merely an expression, it’s an art, artistic expression of what you feel, artistic style of body movements, and artistic way of communicating to others. Dancing for me is dancing, dance whenever you want and dance whenever you like, you don’t have to be a dancer, it’s just sad to know that some people don’t want to dance coz’ they feel like they can’t dance, NO WAY, EVERYONE CAN DANCE.

So with this, we made a video not to impress, but to inspire people, that you don’t have to be a dancer if you want to dance, just be who you are, just like the definition of most dancers, dancing is an expression, it’s a very helpful way of expressing your self.

This video is edited and made by my friend, Deniol Dumalaog, ofcourse, with the help of us. The video is for Vincent Igno’s project in VIDPROD. The original plan is to make a documentary about dancing but we were not given much time so we decided to make a video to inspire people, and convey a message, everyone can dance. This is a draft of our future plan coz’ me and deniol have planned to make a video like this, but the next time it will be more organize. haha

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